Hearts to break, naps to take.
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What I remember about Coachella: Lush green grass, far away from the place we were staying. $7 pizza slices and trying to absorb everything. Sweat stinging my eyes when I was trying to get into Regina Spektor playing the main stage. Swaying to Amy Winehouse right outside the super-packed Gobi tent. Pool parties where I was supposed to drink but I hate drinking before it’s dark out. Crop tops and white couches and if you pay my way and give me access to those couches in the shade I’ll give you some superb sentences.

I hate paying for things in advance.  I like tangible things. I want to put my hands on it. Dig my bitten-down fingernails into it. Do we really have the future? That said, I have tickets for FOB/Paramore I think in June and Katy Perry in September.

I don’t want the fuss. I want quiet, accidental discovery.

I’ll babysit your pools. I’ll maintain quality control on air conditioned dens. 

I don’t want three hours of small talk or pretending to like that synth/dj duo because everyone keeps tweeting that they’re KILLING IT.

You’re killing me.

I’d go if I had a mission. If I had a budget. 

But there isn’t anything in my cells that’s telling me to go.

I’ve been reading that it’s better to buy experiences than it is to buy ~things~. 

Take me away.

Interviewing @thechainsmokers. We got the giggles. #100happydays (at Live Nation Labs)

New tour update in which I use my hosting powers to get our guest musicians to freestyle about kittens!

Fun fact: I forgot my questions like 3 times while interviewing them because… well, look at them. Those faces. So cute. 

Tony makes me write every day. But I told him to make me write every day. Here’s a thing about writing every day.

There are a lot of things that a person is supposed to do every day:

Drink water

Contribute to society


Handle that food pyramid business


Keep up with current events and issues


Take vitamins

Have meaningful interactions 

Learn new things

Know what you’re putting in your body

Know what you’re putting ON your body

Be creative

Use coconut oil in one of the 52 ways it can be used

Adhere to a moral code


Make a difference




Save the planet.

I’m just saying it takes a fuck ton of work to be a balanced person. I work hard, I play hard.

That ain’t no cakewalk.

I have 33 minutes to write something else. I think I need to stretch first.



online dating

anyone who uses more than 4 hashtags in any given post

ordering soup at restaurants


sand-colored clothing

should I get a juicer?

yes this is a post.


We readily admit that if we were to see Beyoncé perform ‘XO’ live, we’d shed multiple tears. So this video of John Mayer doing an acoustic version while in Adelaide makes us feel feelings, too. Check it:

Rap-Up called out a tweet of Mayer praising the rawness of the track:


Word, JM. Word.

at first i was like haha it looks like someone is covering the lens with their finger a lil bit

i took a pic, posted it on instagram and in my head added sound effects like PEW PEW and SCHWAAAA

then i was like well this might take a bit so i should prob dry my hair and put on some appropriate clothing if this is going to be a ~wait for it, wait for itttt~ type of thing

so i did then i went back up to my roof but this time i thought man if i was a robber what a good time to steal shit, while everyone is busy looking at the sky but prob still pretty close to home so i LOCKED MY DOOR because thinking that idea clearly transmitted it into the universe and i really hope this didnt happen to anyone

i heard lots of sirens tonight, tho, so…

then i was like it’s kinda making me want cookies and milk. oreos and milk, specifically. or maybe like, oreo ice cream. im hungry

then i was like finger clipping moon!

then i wasn’t sure if it was going to disappear or what cause i’ve never watched a whole eclipse before—on a clear night, anyway. and i kept thinking, how will we know when its over? should we clap?

and then and THEN it got all glowy and cool 

and kinda looked like the light under the door when youre cautiously opening the door like “mom? mom? are you awake? i had a nightmare” and youre being considerate but also you need her to be awake so 

i stared at it for awhile and sometimes i felt like Mars was all YO, MARVEL ME A BIT WHILE YOU’RE AT IT

and then I said goodnight, little cheese puff in the sky

and no one clapped


i did

#bloodmoon #nofilter #whatshappening


no Santa, they’re not gifts, they’re jifts.

(via arienettes)

I had numerous positive interactions with sales… representatives today. 

Should I be Yelping this? Probably. But I wanted to address how people are either the subtraction or addition of energy. Basically: Some people exhaust you, and some people energize you. Me.


I spend a lot of time in Burbank and Studio City. I like the hikes, I like the shopping. Should I just move there? IDK.

Normally, interactions with salespeople make me very tired. I have to exert a pep and a purpose that doesn’t come naturally to me. But I’ve recently warmed up to the stretch of shops on Ventura Blvd. Crossroads. Wasteland. UO. And as of today, Lululemon. 

Last week I avoided Lululemon like the plague because there was some kind of dancing flashmob out in front. Also, the first I heard about this brand was some stereotypical spouting of the mouth. 

But I’ve been searching for good workout clothes for MONTHS. I have great Adidas crops I got like 13 years ago. I have two pair of PINK yoga pants I love, but haven’t found a NEW pair in my size in at least 8 months. Everything fits awkwardly at Target and there are very few sports stores with all available sizes. I like to try things on. Anyway, this is getting really long. 

Today was good. My interactions felt authentic.